There are two most common aspect ratios for our television screens, 4:3 and 16:9. 1.33:1 aspect ratio, also known as 4:3 (pronounced ‘four by three’), this is the traditional aspect ratio of standard-definition TVs and images. We can play this 4:3 TV show on our 4:3 television and it will fit perfectly. However, if we play the 4:3 TV show on our 16:9 television, then will will see the black bars as shown below.

On the 4:3 TV, the image is a perfect match and fills the screen completely.

1.33:1 Image on a 4:3 TV

1.33:1 Image on a 16:9 TV

However, on the 16:9 HDTV there are bars at either side to make up for the missing width of the image. This is called pillar boxing or vertical letterboxing.

Question: How to rip DVD 4:3 content to 16:9 for HDTV?
“I’ve got some DVD content that is 4:3 aspect ratio. When I play it back on my 16:9 set, I have two sets of black bars, one vertical pair, and one horizontal pair with the picture in the middle. I’m in the process of creating files to store on a NAS, and I wanted to see if it was possible (or recommended) to:

1) Convert the DVD content to MKV
2) Revise the aspect ratio so that it displays “better” on the 16:9 set

I’ve been tinkering around with MakeMKV and Handbrake trying to get some test videos to work, but so far, no luck.

Any advice/suggestions? Thanks.”

Well, in this case , get the best DVD Ripper from Brorsoft just meets your needs, which can help you fast rip videos from DVD for playing on HDTV, PC, Apple TV, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S4, etc or sharing on YouTube. With it, you can select desired subtitles and audio tracks for specific chapters; decide movie resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate and more. Besides, the built-in video editor lets you personalize your DVD by trimming, cropping, adding watermarks, adjusting video effects, etc. If you’re using Mac, please turn to Brosoft DVD Ripper for Mac, which lets you convert DVD on Mac OS X (macOS Sierra included).

( Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

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Guide: Convert DVD to MKV with 16:9 aspect ratios for HDTV

STEP 1. Import DVD files

Insert your DVD disc to the drive, then launch the DVD ripping software and click the “Load Disc” button to have the DVD content imported.

STEP 2. Choose MKV as output format

Select “MKV(Matroska) Video (*.mkv)” as output format from “Common Video” category under the drop-down list of “Format”. If you want to get better HD video quality, just select “MKV HD Video (*.mkv)” from “HD Video” category.

Step 3: Set best aspect ratio for 16:9 display

If you want to get a 16:9 display and don’t mind the stretched picture, you can click the Edit button to enter the Video Editor -> Crop. You can select the output mode as Stretch.

Tip: Keep in mind that when it comes to DVD movies there is a formatting issue to consider. Many movies are wider than 16:9. For example, Seabiscuit, The Lord of the Rings, Dances with Wolves, Tombstone, The Fifth Element, U-571, American Beauty, and Star Wars/Phantom Menace (to name a few) are all 2.35:1, not 1.78:1. When you display these movies on a 16:9 screen you will have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, each bar amounting to about 12% of the picture height. The bars are not as large as they would be on a 4:3 screen, but they are there nevertheless.

How to Get the black bars off?

In the Video Editor interface, here you see the Original Preview and Output Preview area. The original video is put in green frame. Drag the dotted frame to crop black bar out as it shows below.

Step 4: Start converting DVD

After the settings, click the “Convert” button to start converting DVD to desired size (aspect ratio) for playing on (HD) device.

HELP: Rip and convert DVD 4:3 content to 16:9 for HDTV