This is a turorial for you to rip and backup your DVD disc to H.265/HEVC codec videos for Windows Media Player Playback on Windows 10.

Now those who are on Windows 10 can have H.265/HEVC support without the need for an additional codec. Windows Media Player on Windows 10 will now be able to play H.265/HEVC codec videos. Those of us on Windows 8.1 have had to rely on Media Player Classic or VLC for playing H.265/HEVC codec videos.

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High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), on the other hand, is a video compression standard and is a successor to H.264 or Advanced Video Coding (AVC).  Also known as H.265, HEVC promises the same level of picture quality as H.264/AVC, however, there will be better compression so the file size can be smaller. This is important when dealing with 4K or UHD media. As the resolution increases, the file size increases along with it. HEVC promises better compression so these files are not massive.

Now that, the benefits of HEVC encoding are clear, why not backup DVDs using H.265/HEVC for playing on Windows Media Player on Windows 10?

In order to backup DVD with H.265 codec, you just need a best H.265 Encoder. Here Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Windows should take into your consideration. With it, you can rip any Blu-ray with copyright protection and non copyright protection, including Blu-ray folder files. to H.265/HEVC for MPC-HC playback without any quality loss.

The trail-before-purchase version availabel for you, the watermark is the only limitation between the trial version and full version.


Step 1. Load DVD files 

Insert your DVD disc into DVD drive and then run the DVD Ripper. Click Load DVD button to load the movies from your DVD discs. You can also import ISO/IFO files.

On the right windows, you can preview your files and take snapshots of your favorite movie scenes.


Tip: After the files are loaded, you can select the subtitles and audio track you prefer.


Step 2. Select H.265 as output format

Hit the “Format” box and select H.265 Video(*.mp4) from Common Video profile. It enables you to rip DVD to H.265 .mp4 with the best quality.


Tip: Before conversion, this DVD ripping software allows you to click “Settings” button right besides “Format” and enter “Profile Settings” panel to adjust video size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channels. Please remember the file size is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in bigger file size, and lower visible quality loss.

Step 3. Complete the conversion task

After all necessary settings, click “Convert” button to begin your DVD to H.265/HEVC conversion for playing on Windows Media Player.

Note that High codec H.265/HEVC will output much sharper video quality, but the conversion time will also relatively longer than common codec.

Once the conversion is done, click “Open” button to locate the results videos in H.265 codec. The final videos bring you the smaller size as possible with near zero quality loss.

Then you can play the converted H.265/HEVC DVD movies on Windows Media Player on Widnows 10.

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With it you can rip the Blu-ray, DVD disc as well as the video files to H.265/HEVC videos for playing on Windows Media Player on Widnows 10.

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